Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gruntz 15mm: Kevin's Christmas gift

So like I said in my previous post I wanted to paint an army for 15mm Battletech flavored games of Gruntz for both of my gaming buddies. For Hero I did a Waco's Rangers themed army and Kevin will get this Clan Ghost Bear themed army.
What I ended up with is two supernova binarys of two medium mech stars a star of powered armor elemental infantry and a star of protomechs. In Gruntz terms they will be a two mecha platoons and a platoon of powered armor supported by 10 medium weight vehicle specialists.
One of the nova mechs had a broken arm so I did some battle damage to make it look like it had just been severed by a laser or plasma weapon.

The armies also came with a case for storage and transport of the army and accompanying gaming materials like dice, unit cards, casualty markers and templates if any.

Over all I think it came out quite well and had a tough time letting them go :)


Thursday, December 18, 2014

15mm Gruntz: Hero's Christmas present.

I decided to build an army for my friends Hero and Kevin for Christmas so that they would have an army to play with in our battletech-ish campaign. Hero likes Waco's Rangers so I did an army with that theme and paint scheme in mind. The army relies on speed and tough infantry to accomplish their mission.

I went for an end of winter, beginning of spring theme with melted snow and lots of mud. The strike sleds give the force a fast scout/harassing force to use in pursuit and recon missions. The sleds are backed up by ultra fast Locusts and a Mongoose as well as a very fast Yen Lo Wang variant Centurion.

The 3 infantry squads are light powered armor with full auto lasers. They are supported by three auto mortar teams and two medics and a commander.
I would give the infantry long runners so they can keep up with the mecha and to a lesser extent the sleds.

A full three lance company with 2 medium/ heavy lances and a light/fast medium lance. The mech clix hatchet man variant I am using as an axe an with an arm mounted ac/20 or 6 medium pulse lasers. The ghosts I use as modified hunchbacks with two large lasers instead of an ac/20. The blades are used as dragons with dual ac/10. There are also two centurions with rac/5 and Lrm 10 and a medium pulse laser.


I liked the paint scheme quite a bit and will probably paint up a similar force for the Tiger Sharks merc unit.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gruntz 15mm Battletech: Black Company gets reinforcements

Managed to put some paint on a few reinforcements for the Black Company aka Warpigs mercenary battalion. It was a company of mostly heavy and assault designs with limited maneuverability. So I added a company of light mechs who are either fast or equipped with jump jets or both.
The new company backed up by two heavy / assault lances.
Two lances of modified Panthers armed with (gruntz weapons) medium plasma and medium missile pod as well as jump jets and a heavy chassis.
The third lance of bravo company fields some new mechs. A solitaire, two Koshis with missile pods and an Arbelest that I'm using as an Apollo and forgot to make a stat card for.
The Koshis is fast and hits hard with its missile pods but the solitaire is faster and more lightly armed. It is hell against infantry but struggles against heavy and assault machines.

A second group of Panthers rounds out the company because I have always loved he Panther. It is not fast but is a tough little slugger of a mech. Best used against light and medium forces as it doesn't have the staying power against heavier machines.


The Warpigs have two full companies of mechs and a company of heavy tanks composed of Bulldogs. Last night I started the Battletechs Jihad centered Chaos Campaign by playing the first mission in the track. It was a raid against a few warehouses in the Chaos March. The defenders were two lances of heavy hover tanks fielded by a green merc company. One of my Whammys and the Marauder II took some damage and the Whammy took a crit to its armor. Two enemy tanks were exploded with very accurate plasma shots. Three were knocked out and the other two surrendered to the remaining six mechs. We used our pay to repair two of the tanks and hired the crews on with our outfit. This netted us a green hover tank lance. We were also able to advance four of our mech pilots from veteran to expert skill level.

Next the Warpigs will play out the mini campaign within the overall Chaos Campaign centered around the battle of Outreach against Word of Blake backed mercenaries and WoB occupation forces.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Gruntz 15mm : Terran Scout Mechs

I realized that the vast majority of my mechs are either medium or heavier. So I decided to remedy that with some fast scout mechs armed with specialist heavy lasers and weak armor making them even faster. Hard as hell to hit but if you do connect they are in deep kimchi.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gruntz 15mm : Alien menace recycled

Well I decided I needed some generic alien menace models for scenarios and went digging through my extensive cast off clip collection (say that three times real fast). These are the alien nastys I came up with from some long lost Heroclix set.

I figure I will use the ground based ones as heavy grunt specialists and the flying ones as well grav specialists. As you can see they are a good size for 15mm alien baddies.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Escape pods : recycled materials

So I thought I would make some escape pod objective markers for my Gruntz 15mm obsession. Just need to slap some paint on them.

Blue caps are from strawberry milk bottles, turbine things are from baby bottles or formula, I have no idea. Wooden disks and a wooden mushroom thingy from he local craft store and voila.